Setting up new financial goals and resolutions in 2019

How I am setting up my financial goals on track to become financial independent in the next ten years.


How much do you spend to work?

How to save money at work by avoiding the plethora of expenses and by looking at your job as a business. Your job should be an extension of your responsibility as CFO of your money. It makes no sense to go to work for $100 a day if you have to dress up in $100 outfit. Or if you must have enough outfits so people don't notice that you are wearing them more than once; who cares? You shouldn't.

Stop paying for commercials on TV!!!

Advertising on TV is crazy expensive, which makes it a very exclusive marketing tool for businesses to reach their audience. When companies advertise on TV they do it as premeditated damage control. They incur in a huge expense with the purpose of selling more products or services they manufacture or provide. Regardless, all that money …

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